The Beginners


Rebecca Sharp (poetry + images) with Simon Whetham (sound + images).

A5 soft-cover book. Text, black and white photographs. Weblink to the soundscape.
(Limited edition with added USB £12, now sold out)

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A series of earthworks in Fife, visited in 2016 and 2018. Words, sounds and images gathered at each location, worked and reworked into a final form.

Part deep-mapping, part wayward archaeology; wondering what happens to a place when the humans arrive - and what we leave behind. Illusions of power and permanence; unfolding understandings; timescales of change.

"A bold and unsettling multi-media collection gathered from expeditions to ancient earthworks in the Kingdom of Fife. Sparse and challenging poetic fragments work closely with naturalistic images and soundscapes to create an installation that addresses both broad landscapes and detailed fieldwork; effectively fusing media to attempt to interpret mysterious and unknowable languages of landscape and nature. Striking and timeless as the wind, grass and stone it seeks to understand - an unforgettable experience." Andy Jackson (poet)

"In the tradition of psychogeography and geopoetics, Sharp and Whetham have produced a collaboration that is more than the sum of its parts. In a short space, they have managed to evoke not only the age and layered history of an unfamiliar landscape, but the many-layered process by which the human mind can enter into conversation with it; the process of belonging. This is a pamphlet to savour." Elizabeth Rimmer (poet)

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